What is design/build?

When you decide to renovate your home, you can hire a designer to create the concept art, and then hire a contractor to bring the design to life. Or, you can hire a design/build company to handle every step of the process from start to finish.

How long should my home remodeling project take?

The length of a project will vary depending on the scope of work, but we can give an idea of duration early in design. All of our construction agreements include an approximate start date and completion date during our design/build process.

How much should I budget for my project?

Home remodeling is a complex process. Each project is different according to the existing structure, the size of the job, and the wants and needs of the client. To get a better understanding of the different cost ranges, you can Contact us anytime.

How much do additions cost per square foot?

There are two major determinants: what are you adding and what type of finishes you want. If you are adding a bathroom or kitchen, the expenses can be much greater. Kitchen and bathroom remodels add cabinetry, countertops, fixtures etc. but even if you're just looking to add a large living area, things like ceiling height, roof tie-in, type of windows, floor covering, crown moldings, etc. can all affect the cost.

When is the best time to remodel my home?

Home remodeling can be performed year-round depending on the project. Renovation or remodeling of interior spaces can usually be completed any time of the year, though there are aspects of projects that can be weather dependent. For example, when completing a home addition, foundation or footing work should be completed when temperatures are above freezing.

What areas do you service?

Procon General Contractors provide home renovations in many regions such as Bloor West Village, High Park North, Parkdale, Swansea, The Annex, The Junction, Rexdale, Islington City Centre West, Kingsview Village, Mimico, Princess Gardens, Richview, Downsview, Humber Summit, Lawrence Heights, Willowdale, Cooksville, Erin Mills, Port Credit, Streetsville and many more regions.

Does every remodeling job need a permit?

No, if structural changes are not taking place or if no plumbing, electric or air condition is not being modified, then no permit would be needed.

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