Time To Remodel Your Home

Do you own a house where kitchen or bathroom looks old, damaged or in a state of disrepair, but you still feel that it has the enormous potential of yielding better earning opportunities when you will sell? We excel in Remodeling and renovating such house, bathroom and kitchen to perfection. Our team expertly upgrades its layout and design, transforming it into a modern and attractive look. We also restructure them in such a way that you can make better use of its space, making it more cost-effective. Our restoration services are vast and comprehensive and include the renovation of all kinds of houses.

If you’re in Toronto then Procon General Contractors ltd is a must-visit for remodeling of your house, kitchen and bath. We will provide you best home, kitchen & bathroom modelling at a reasonable price with professional staff so you can get it done the way you want with our team of professional expert in every aspect of remodeling.

Kitchen is one of the essential places in the house, and if that place is getting old and not have been properly maintained then it might be discomfort for using that space. We provide a wide variety of kitchen accessories and their remodeling equipment. We ensure your wood flooring with water resistance, so you don’t have to worry your any slip on the floor. Your stove installation is very important for us so that you can cook without any hesitation of leakage and flame control. We never compromise on piping whether it is for gas or electrical.

New Touch

Bath remodeling can be very redefining if you want to give your bathroom a new touch. And by giving it, a new look will help you in providing the relaxation environment. Our experts will make remodeling according to your requirements.

Our Simplified Process Consists:
  • 1-Choose your design
  • 2-Choose your wall color/ wallpapers
  • 3-Choose to floor
  • 4-Choose the accessories
  • 5-Done The Job

We Build On Our Repuatation!

We can only earn a good reputation with our clients!